Most of my life, I didn’t work for myself, or set my own schedule. Most of my life, I did crap that I didn’t want to do for a living. When I finally got the chance to work for myself, I jumped at it. All those years I had spent cramming hackathons into my weekends – I would be great. And at first, I was. But then, you develop habits. You get on Facebook too long, etc. There are a lot of things you can do to alleviate the distraction portion of life, but the thing I’ve done to ensure that I get back on task fast is to create a little script that pops open my new “primary_work” folder. That’s all it does. That’s all it has to do. The whole thing is right here:



You have to resist the urge to repackage everything you love and make those two or three changes. It’s not what you're trying to do. Everyone would like to go back and take credit for everything from the beginning of computing until now, but it's just now how it works.


Often, things will not go as planned. The core measure of your might is how long you're willing to continue prodding in the same direction, despite it all, hoping to get what you came for.

No one is saying things are not going to work. Certainly no one is saying that things are going to go smoothly. But things do have a way of working out if you keep at it.

And sometimes you just need to know that. And go on that. And live on that.

notes & logs by phm

This is just a little (error) log from my various experiences as I go along. Dates are in Unix time.